New Products – We are happy to announce that we added the Trim Slim Shake to our product range.

These products info is below:

This product is a meal replacement with added natural weight loss ingredients added to the formula, namely – Green Tea Extract and Garcinia Gambogia.

This product is high in Protein and Energy, low in Fat, Sugar and Carbs. Each serving has less than 1g of Fat and 1g of Sugar.

Each serving of this product contains all necessary vitamins and minerals that you would get when replacing a balanced meal.

Product contains Inulin and Iodine that assist with stabilizing your blood sugar. Ideal for people that have Insulin resistance.

Each container of Trim Slim Shake has +- 18 servings of +-35g each.

Product can be mixed with 200ml Water or Fat Free Milk.

Product has a 2 year shelf life from manufactured date.

Additional Info:

Most other “meal replacements’’ out in the market is low in Protein, and high Carbs, Fat and Sugar. The function of a meal replacement is only to replace a meal, and not to lose weight while using the product, that’s how majority of the other products in the market been formulated. Trim Slim Shake has been formulated to lose weight while replacing a meal, its high in Protein, that keeps you fuller for longer, with Dietary Fibre, and low in Fat, Sugar and Carbs, that’s ideal when wanting to lose weight. The less Fat, Carbs and Sugar you eat, the more your body will use of your own stored Fat.